Explore and Conquer

The most beautiful mountains in the world.

Made in the Rocky Mountains of the good ole USA, Riverton, Wyoming!

Our Story

We are a family that loves to get out in the mountains and get away.  One of our favorite recreational activities is kayaking in mountain lakes.  Starting in 2016, we had a UTV but no good way to transport our kayaks.  That is when we started our napkin writings to design something that would work.  We came up with a rudimentary design, and ran it over the course of a summer and winter time.  It worked, but you had to put it on and take it off each time when we wanted to put it in the garage.  That helped with what we called design 2.0. The rack was able to be folded down when not in use.  So then we had to test again thru another season.  After much trial and error, we finally came up with a functional, well-designed rack to hold our kayaks.  It also can hold a canoe, paddleboard, the uses are endless.  “One size fits all.”  Once we got our final version done, we thought “Why not get this out there, others are having the same issue as us.”  And that gets us to today.  We are so proud of the Rigel Racks, and we know you will be too.  So get out there and explore what God has given to us in this beautiful world we live in.

rigel-starWhere did we get our name?

Rigel is a blue supergiant star in the constellation of Orion, approximately 860 light-years from Earth. Rigel is the brightest and most massive component – and the eponym – of a star system of at least four stars that appear as a single blue-white point of light to the naked eye.

Surface temperature: 11,000 K
Distance to Earth: 864.3 light years